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Referring Physicians

Physicians or health professionals may obtain consultative, referral, and/or the other information noted below by calling us at , email: or mailing their referral/consultative requests to one of our clinic locations:

Obtain a immediate medical consultation;

  • Schedule a referral;
  • Request a transfer;
  • Check on patients referred to UPC;
  • Consult with UPC physicians about follow-up care for patients who have returned home; and
  • Discuss diagnoses, new technology, clinical trials, and research findings.

Case Managers

University Pain Centers is committed to providing patients exceptional medical care, treatment, and communication to the injured worker and to those involved in the care and management of injured workers.

We utilize a multi-disciplinarian approach to assessment and treatment to facilitate the early return of these individuals to productive lives and work.

We offer the following to help:

Non-emergent workers' compensation appointments are scheduled in a timely manner.

Emergent medical diagnosis and treatment for workers' compensation clients can be arranged the same day as needed.

Since case management, is a key component of the treatment of the injured worker, our physicians and staff are committed to communicating and providing requested information in a timely manner. A patient status report with the pertinent work-related information, along with medical records, will be completed and available within 3-10 days of the office visit.

Distribution of medical records will include all appropriate parties involved in the treatment and management of the injured worker (e.g. Insurance Adjuster, Case Manager, Employer, and Occupational Medicine Physician). If a fax number is provided, medical records can be faxed.

Impairment ratings will be provided in a timely manner following receipt of request.

Second opinions will be scheduled in a timely manner following receipt of request.

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME's) will be scheduled in a timely manner following receipt of request.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE's) will be scheduled in a timely manner following receipt of request.

To schedule an appointment, contact us by e-mail ( phone or by fax at

University Pain Center at Rush University Medical Center

Fax: (312) 563-3992

University Pain Center at Oak Park

Fax: (312) 563-3972

University Pain Centers at Westchester

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